Hemp is a variety of the Cannabis Sativa plant species that is primarily grown for industrial purposes, however its benefits go far beyond just industrial as the compounds contained in this plant can also be used for recreational and medical purposes. Hemp has been known for its environmental and beneficial uses; it contains active compounds such as CBD (cannabinoids). In the past years, there has been a great influx of research and testimonies towards promoting the benefits of cannabinoids; this is because research has shown then Hemp is one of the most durable, strongest and natural-soft fibers on this planet. By this, it is quite obvious that hemp is not just limited to its industrial applications alone, they are lot more of other benefits which you shall get to know in this article.

Benefits of Hemp in various industries

The simple definition of hemp is a herb that has many commercial and industrial uses, there is a widespread production of hemp in many countries of the world with Canada, France, and China being the major producers. One of the benefits of hemp is that it is a biomass which is used in many industries like the medical industry, paper industry, textile industry for the production of biodegradable plastics, fuel, and food.

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Secondly, Hemp is a product that supports the objectives of green living. This is simply because it prevents soil erosion, produces oxygen and does not need any pesticide or herbicide. Hemp can also be substituted for harmful products which contain chemicals and dioxins that can decompose very easily.

Hemp is eco-friendly, it has purifier properties that enables it to remove impurities, wastewater and other by-products. Added to its eco-friendly nature, it can also be used to kill weeds; this makes it beneficial to the boosting of organic farming.

Hemp is a sustainable and renewable resource that can be grown in many conditions and climates around the world. The use of hemp to create a long-lasting and better quality paper is another benefit that is extremely environmental friendly; it will take one acre of hemp to produce a quantity of paper that will otherwise be produced by destroying about 4.1 acres of trees. This owes to its importance in helping to prevent deforestation exponentially.

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Hemp can both be used for the production of clothing's and furniture's; it is made up of two fibers which have a woodier texture and can be used in non-woven items such as animal bedding and litter. It has been proven by research that Hemp can produce 250% more of fiber when compared to cotton and 600% more of fiber when compared to flax.

Hemp is made of seeds, which have oils that can be used in the manufacture of oil-based paints, plastics, and creams. It is a vital raw material that can be used to produce sacks, ropes, and canvasses. Beyond this benefits, hemp can also be used to strengthen concrete (hempcrete) which serves as a construction material. Hemp can also be used to produce biocomposites which are used by Mercedes to manufacture the internal panel of its automobile.

The benefits of Hemp is not just limited to a particular industry, apart from its usage in construction work, it is an abundantly used product in food items. It contains a large percentage of fatty acids and amino acids which are essential for healthy living. Hemps can be consumed directly in the form of salad, and the seeds can be used to produced hemp milk, cereals, hemp protein powders, non-diary hemp ice cream, amongst others. Hempseed oil is a dietary supplement that can be frozen for a long period and does not need any preservatives to retain its quality. The deficiency of iron is rampant, but hempseed contains a large proportion of iron, calcium and other minerals. Beyond all the benefits listed here, hempseed also has an anti-inflammatory property which makes it suitable to be used as a medicine as well.

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While Marijuana is made from the leaves of a cannabis plant, Hemp is produced from the stem of a cannabis plant. Hemp cannot itself get anyone high, because it contains low levels of THC- the infamous psychoactive compound that is found in marijuana. However, hemp contains a high level of CBD – a legal and non-intoxicating compound. Many people take hemp-derived CBD oil as a daily supplement to support a balanced endocannabinoid system and to target specific concerns without a high. To understand the versatility of hemp plants better, we will give an overview of two major hemp extracts which are Hemp oil and Hemp seeds.

Hemp oil: Hemp oil extracts is an oil that is derived from the stalk and seeds of a cannabis plant. This oil contains 70% polyunsaturated fatty acids with 55% being in the form of Omega-6 linoleic acid and it is increasingly being used in the production of medical drugs, body care products, and relief medications.

Hemp seeds: hemp seeds seems to be a different matter altogether. They are made up of all the necessary amino acids which are the basic building blocks of the proteins that cannot be self-manufactured by our body. Flaxseed also contains essential amino acids, but unlike flax seed, 65% of the protein found in hemp seed is globulin edistin. Globulin edistin is a simple protein that is needed by our body to build the immunoglobulin's necessary to repel infections. One of the ways to ensure that your body contains sufficient amino acids so as to build this globulis is to consume foods that are high in globulin proteins.

We are sure that by now, you probably must have heard or known the real-life benefits of CBD or hemp and you've been considering giving it a try but something seems to stop you from making the moves. This could probably be because you can't get past the stigma associated with hemp or you are scared that it will leave you silly and tired, we understand this fact. Subjects about hemp is quite controversial, and there are a lot of complications/misconceptions swirling around concerning what hemp can do, what it cannot do, how it makes you feel and how it doesn't make you feel. HempZone has great confidence in the benefits and importance that hemp could offer to every industry; in fact, that is the major factor which backs up our existence.