Sandra’s fascination with Hemp started a couple of years ago. As a caring mother of two, she always looks for ways to make her home a healthier and safer environment.  As she researched natural products and solutions, she kept coming across a recurring theme of the incredible uses and benefits of Hemp. However, the information wasn’t well organised, the source was often questionable and it was even harder to find products from reputable suppliers. 

HempZone is created to be your all-in-one hub on all things hemp. Our aim is to research and curate only the highest quality Hemp products in Australia.  We only sell products we try ourselves and we believe to be of the highest quality. On our website, you will also find interviews and videos with some of Australia’s most renowned hemp experts - to answer all your pressing questions about this amazing plant! We want to dispel the myths and stigma surrounding hemp and show you how it can benefit you. Follow us to learn how Sandra uses hemp products in her day to day life. From household cleaning products through to her beauty routine and cooking.

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